Giulia S Back Office Worker (Cagliari, Italy)

My English level has improved significantly

Hugh’s lessons were absolutely interesting and motivating. He taught me not only phonetics, grammar, vocabularies, listening, writing, and speaking but he helped me to find my own method of learning. I think this was possible because he really puts passion into what he does. He is able to understand people’s needs and he supports the learning process in a special way based on every single personality and skill that his students have. Once I started my general English courses with Hugh, my English level was around B1. Today my English level has improved significantly and it is around C1. I really recommend Hugh as a teacher.

Gleb M Digital Projects Manager (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Very intense and productive

Great lesson! Very intense and productive. Exactly that I was looking for.

Marina K University Lecturer (Tomsk, Russia)

Important when you are going to get a job

We talked about job interview tips and how to describe skills. I think it is important when you are going to get a job.

Timon X Basketball Interpreter (Nanjing, China)

Helped me to improve my listening and speaking skills

Hugh is a diligent worker with great attitude and positive energy. He is always patient and easygoing. His lessons helped me to improve my listening and speaking skills and I always felt confident in his classes.

Ploy S Self-Employed (Chiang Rai, Thailand)

fun, easy to understand and no stress!

​For me, learning language should be fun, easy to understand and no stress! Hugh's English lessons did this and were my great experience of learning English. So don't hesitate to join the wonderful course with Hugh! I confirm you'll get a fabulous experience like me! 😊

Kanyanat C Product Assistant (Buriram, Thailand)

Serious about pronunciation

Hugh is someone who pays attention to every student. He listens and answers every question if students don't understand. He is serious about pronunciation and always writes how to pronounce the hard words, which only some teachers do. That's why I have better pronunciation. He also speaks a little slower to make students understand parts that are harder to understand. I got so many things from his lessons and they helped me develop my pronunciation, writing and listening skills.

Vera M Chief Operations Officer (Hong Kong)

it helped me overcome my fears

I used to feel so nervous when going to English meetings and I didn't really have confidence to speak to people. I'm glad I found this course because it helped me overcome my fears and now I speak in every meeting. The course included absolutely everything I needed: language, speaking practice, review exercises and even business culture.


The essentials of meetings and cultural differences

I have been studying Meeting Essentials for several months and I was impressed by the high-quality blog which teaches me the essentials of meetings and cultural differences.

Hugh is a professional teacher, very skilled and patient, with good pronunciation. He knows the pain points for students. If you are a person who likes to think independently, agreeing with universal values, he must be a good friend for you.

Qingfeng L Software Engineer (Shenzhen, China)

Fluency, confidence and fun all in one go!

As a secretary of the President of a big association, organizing meetings is a direct part of my job. The structure of the Meeting Essentials course and diversity of resources, videos, worksheets gave me the tools I needed to get fluency, confidence and fun all in one go!

Jolanta B Secretary (Katowice, Poland)