How to Network in English

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Networking Basics

How to Network in English

This one week intermediate-level course will help you take your first steps to successful networking in English.

In this free short courseyou'll:

  • learn how to create a fantastic impression with new people you meet using English
  • develop your English vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar
  • practise your English speaking, listening and reading

As a bonus, you'll also receive:

  • feedback on your speaking from a professional English teacher



Networking Basics
2-3 hours (1 week)

In this free ecourse, you'll learn how to give a perfect elevator pitch (a short speech you can give to people you meet).

Jolanta B Secretary (Katowice, Poland)

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When I begin learning a language, there are many situations where I feel like a worker without any tools. The Language Professional ecourses are the best way to get the tools I need to master useful vocabulary and expressions.

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