Mini-Course: Grammar


​Let's ​speak more accurately.

​Over the next ​​week, ​I'm going to introduce you to ​some important areas that will help you ​​develop strong grammatical accuracy.

English dictionary
​Lesson 1​

​Discover Words ​Forms

​In this lesson, you'll ​​​​​learn all the ​common word forms found in dictionaries and how they come together to make sentences.

How to Prepare for Your Next Meeting
​Lesson 2

​'I like working' vs. 'I like to ​work'

​In this lesson, you'll ​​learn about ​a grammar topic that even advanced English speakers often have difficulties with.

​Lesson 3

​A Fresh Look at English Grammatical Tenses

​​In this lesson, you'll ​​discover a new way to think about tenses that will develop your understanding of English grammar as a whole.