Mini-Course: Vocabulary


​Let's ​build a wide ​vocabulary​.

​Over the next ​​week, ​I'm going to introduce you to a few ways to help you develop your vocabulary quickly​.

Supercharge your English
​Lesson 1​

​Supercharge your Vocab

​​In this lesson, you'll ​discover how to build a powerful English vocabulary in a fun way. Fit it into your daily routine and you'll find you develop your vocabulary (and grammar) ​without even trying!

The Secret to Remembering English Words
​Lesson 2

​Improve your memory

​​In this lesson, you'll discover how memory and learning works, as well as the secret to remembering new English words.

​Lesson 3

​Use it or Lose it

​In this lesson, you'll ​discover ​the final step towards transferring your new vocabulary from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. Without this, you risk losing the language you've worked hard to learn.