Mini-Course: Pronunciation


Let's learn to speak more clearly.

​Over the next ​​week, ​I'm going to introduce you to a few areas of pronunciation that every ​English learner needs to know.

Air flow
​Lesson 1​

​Mastering sounds

​In this lesson, you'll discover how air flows through our bodies to create ​different types of sound, what these different types are and how we can use this knowledge to pronounce every word in the dictionary!

The Music of English
​Lesson 2

​The ​Music of ​English

​In this lesson, you'll ​learn about t​hree ​key areas of pronunciation that ​​will help you sound more natural and you'll actually practise ​this yourself.

​Lesson 3

​Developing your accent

​In this lesson, you'll discover ​5 steps you can take to develop a clearer accent that is easier to understand by others.