Mini-Course: English for work


​Let's ​​​​learn English​ for your work.

​Over the next ​​week, ​​I'm going to introduce you to ​some essential language and skills necessary to succeed in the international workplace.

In the Office
​Lesson 1​

​What's in your office?

​In this lesson, you'll ​step into our 3D virtual office and see how many items you can recognise. Good luck!

The ten most common office tasks
​Lesson 2

​Describing ​work tasks

​In this lesson, you'll learn ​how to describe the most common work tasks found in some regular office jobs.

​Lesson 3

​Developing the right skill

​​In this lesson, you'll learn how to focus your language learning efforts into ​the one area that will benefit your work the most.