Mini-Course: Language


​Let's ​become a better learner.

​Over the next ​​week, ​I'm going to introduce you to ​some ​powerful methods to become better at learning English.

​Lesson 1​

​6 ​Learning methods

​In this lesson, you'll ​​​​​learn ​the 6 methods that 'great language learners' use to become excellent at new languages.

Powerful Methods to Improve your English Listening Skills
​Lesson 2

​​How to improve your ​listening

​In this lesson, you'll ​learn some tricks to help you perfect your English listening skills.

THE LANGUAGE LEARNER - My English notes are a complete mess
​Lesson 3

​Store your English notes

​​In this lesson, you'll ​​​​discover ways to organise your ​English notes and set yourself up for learning success.