How to Survive ​your Next English Meeting

​​(while ​Getting the Respect of your ​Boss and Workmates)

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Hi, I'm Hugh. I've helped thousands of English learners achieve their language and professional goals over the past ten years. I've spent months developing English ecourses so that you can build confidence learning the work skills that matter to you.

This one week mini-course will give you added meeting confidence and show you how to take your next steps as a language professional.

In this free 7 day mini-courseyou'll learn:

  • the key parts of any team meeting
  • how to impress your new workmates at your first ​English meeting
  • how to earn ​the respect of your colleagues
  • the 4 things you must do to prepare yourself for your next English meeting
Meeting Room

As a bonus, you'll also receive:

  • An opportunity to practice, record and receive our feedback on your speaking


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