UpInt 08 – Presenting graphs 1

The Language Professional - Prepare-Learn-Review-Followup


This lesson we’ll be looking at how to describe and present graphs.

Get prepared for the lesson describing these graphs from onestopenglish.com.
We’ll go over the answers at the start of the lesson.


You’ll need to book a lesson to take part in this lesson.


You’ll receive an activity sheet after the lesson to help review and summarize the lesson.
To write answers on these PDFs: 1) download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, 2) Tools -> Fill & Sign.

Follow up

I could use your help!

Please help describe the graph below to summarise the number of visits to the website over the first few months of it being live. Be sure to add any suggestions you have to help boost the number of visitors!

Feel free to email me your ideas and we can certainly go over your ideas at the start of next lesson.