Selling a product



​In 2007, Apple changed the world with the invention of the world's first smartphone - the iPhone.

Watch the first 4 minutes of Steve Job introducing the iPhone for the first time and see if you can hear ​4 words he uses which mean these things (the first letter of each word is given):

  1. r                      - adj. something that is completely new ​and has a big effect
  2. b                    - ad​j. something that is important and helps solve a problem
  3. w                    - a​dj. ​a screen that is longer from left to right than from top to bottom
  4. s                     - adj. a device that uses intelligence to do very new things

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Now it’s time to sell your product!

  1. Select a product that you own.
  2. Develop a sales presentation for this product, considering: a) the order of adjectives used to describe it, b) language used to ‘sell’ the product.
  3. Practise your presentation in front of a mirror, watching and improving your body language and delivery, until you are confident you can say it naturally without reading from your notes.
  4. Record yourself selling the product.
  5. Send me your recording and I’ll ​give you some feedback!