Int 01 – Going for an interview

The Language Professional - Prepare-Learn-Review-Followup


At the end of this lesson, you’ll be attending an interview yourself.
This activity will help you prepare for that interview and build confidence before the lesson.

Read this article by employment website Seek on ‘Job Interview Tips‘.
Consider how you would answer each question in an interview.

If you found this interesting, there are more related articles in the ‘Interviews‘ section.


You’ll need to book a lesson to take part in this lesson.


You’ll receive an activity sheet after the lesson to help review and summarize the lesson.
To write answers on these PDFs: 1) download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, 2) Tools -> Fill & Sign.

Follow up

At an interview, you will almost certainly be asked to introduce yourself. In the activity sheet, you were asked to write a short self-introduction. This should take no longer than 30 seconds. Now it’s time to:

  1. rehearse your self-introduction by speaking to yourself in front of a mirror (don’t be embarrassed, I’ve done this myself!).
  2. watch yourself and consider those factors we looked at in the lesson related to how you look and sound.
  3. keep practising until you can say it perfectly with confidence.

Publishing your works publicly is a great way to motivate yourself to learn and improve.
If you would like to video record your self-introduction and make it public for other learners to see and comment on, please e-mail me your video and I’ll publish it on the blog.