Attending a job interview



​1. Watch this video, where Sarah is attending a job interview.

As you watch for the first time, think about these questions:

  • What kind of job do you think Sarah is applying for?
  • Do you think she is a good candidate for the job? Why / Why not?

​During the video, Sarah was asked:
– “Can you give us an example of when you had to deal with a particularly difficult managee?”
– “Can you tell us about a time when you had to close a particularly challenging deal?”

​2. Watch the video again and think about these questions:

  • How does Sarah respond to these questions?
  • Do you feel she responded well?

We'll start our lesson by discussing your thoughts.


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You’ll receive an activity sheet after the lesson to help review and summarize the lesson. [To type on PDFs: 1) download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free), 2) Tools -> Fill & Sign]

​Check your answers

​To type answers on PDFs: 1) download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free), 2) Tools > Fill & Sign


During the lesson​, we looked at competency-based interviews.

Read this article​, which explains 31 competencies ​split into three groups:
a) people, b) business, and c) self-management.

Create a bank of responses using the STAR technique for competencies relevant to your career or companies you are applying for. If you’ve completed the review sheet, then you’ve have already done eight!

  1. for each competency you feel relevant, create a question based on it.
  2. create a response for each question using the STAR technique.
  3. practise your responses until you know them by heart (you could have a friend or family member test you).
  4. practise while looking at yourself in the mirror and observe your body language.
  5. work on your posture, smile, and delivery until you’re ready for that interview!