Adv 02 – Running a brainstorming session

The Language Professional - Prepare-Learn-Review-Followup


Watch this video by Ed Muzio on ‘Brainstorming Done Right!’ and answer these questions:

  • Have you ever experienced this method of brainstorming before?
  • Do you agree with the dos and don’ts?


You’ll need to book a lesson to attend.


You’ll receive an activity sheet after the lesson to help review and summarize the lesson.
To write answers on these PDFs: 1) download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, 2) Tools -> Fill & Sign.

Follow up

Read this article from Forbes for ‘7 Ways to Enliven Your Next Brainstorming Session‘.

  • How do these compare to Ed Muzio’s method?
  • Which would you like to try out in your next meeting?