What to Look For in an English for Occupational Purposes (EOP) Course


​If you're working at an international company​ now or planning to in the future, there's a good chance you'll ​need to use English at some point. In this article, we take a look at the essential things to look for ​when choosing an English course to help you with your work.


​What is English for Occupational Purposes (EOP)?

​If you read our last article, 'What Kind of Course is Right for Me?', you'll already know EOP is an area of study suitable for people who need English for their jobs (their 'occupations').

EOP courses help ​learners develop vocabulary ​and the ​communication skills necessary for specific jobs or work tasks.

What to consider before choosing a course

​Start by asking yourself these questions.

​What do I need English for?

​How much time per week can I spend studying?

​You should now have a general idea of the ​kind of course or ecourse you'll need.

What to consider ​when ​choosing a course

Now let's go into more detail about the course itself. When ​evaluating a course, you should ask yourself these questions:

​Will the course​ teach me what I need for my job?

​Will I be able to study around my work schedule?

​What is the quality of the course like?

Take a look at ecourses available at The Language Professional for examples of what a high-quality EOP ecourse looks like.

Meeting Essentials

​The Language Professional offers ecourses where you can learn English for your work

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