What Kind of Course is Right for Me?


​With so many different ways to develop ​your English skills, choosing the ​best one​ can often be difficult or frustrating for English learners. In this article, we ​look at ​​a range of options so that you can be in a better position to decide what​ course is right for you.


​What are the options?

Let's start by getting an overview of English language learning.

​Here's a breakdown of each area:

​General English

​English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

​​What's the most suitable course?

Course Consultant

​Alright, so imagine you're a course consultant working for a language school. You deal with customers every day who walk in and ask you for advice on which courses to take.

​Quick! A few customers have just walked in...

​​Our next article, '​What to Look For in an EOP Course', ​explores the things you should definitely look for if you're considering taking an ​EOP course to help develop your work English.

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