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​Thanks so much for reading my story.

​Feel free to leave me a comment below and I'll try to get back to you soon.



  • Avatar Petra says:

    Hi Brian, I really enjoyed your story. I kept my fingers cross for you when you had to go to your boss or when you had to hide your lunch or repair your makeup and some things made me laugh – e.g. when your friends said you found a hole at the market or when you came to the party and there a shirt, tie and trousers float in the air….it was very funny learning English for me!

    Thanks for that 🙂


    • Brian Barrymore Brian Barrymore says:

      Hi Petra, I’m so glad my story gave you enjoyment and a few laughs. It’s been a long journey, but I’ve certainly learned a great deal. Brian’s Brains is going from strength to strength and we’re focussing on improving our service and selection of dishes, including our newest dish – ‘catsick crab’. All the best. Brian

  • Avatar Jiri says:

    Hi Brian. Nice story. It was fun to learn english with your story, thank you. 🙂 Jiri

    • Brian Barrymore Brian Barrymore says:

      Hi Jiri, thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the late response – I’ve been busy with the new company. I’m so pleased you found my story enjoyable! I hope to update you on how it’s going in the future. All the best, Brian

  • Avatar Okan says:

    Hi Brian, I have just read your story. It was very interesting and I enjoyed while reading. I hope, you write many stories about your life.

    • Brian Barrymore Brian Barrymore says:

      Hi Okan, thanks for getting in touch! Oh, life has been very busy so I haven’t written anything for a while. But there are definitely more stories to tell and I’m looking forward to getting a chance to share them with you. All the best! Brian


    Hi Brian.
    I’ve just read your story, and I came to your website to ask you about your company’s job vacancies. Are you hiring? How can I apply for a position?
    I’d like to work with you.
    Your story is incredible and I loved reading every page of your book.

    • Brian Barrymore Brian Barrymore says:

      Hi Thiago!

      Thanks for getting in contact.

      So glad you enjoyed the book and thank you for enquiring about our job vacancies.

      We are not actively seeking new recruits at this time, due to the unstable conditions during this time of global pandemic. However, we could well be in a position to raise the headcount next summer – when conditions will hopefully have improved. We have in mind a few roles that may open around that time if all goes well.

      Please note that while we operate an inclusive recruitment policy open to the undead and non-undead alike, it’s important that new recruits exhibit the values of Brian’s Brians and those who can demonstrate a strong commitment towards undead-friendly activities will have a stronger chance of being selected.

      As such, members from every background are encouraged to apply. However, certain roles may not be suitable for everyone. For example, candidates applying for roles in product development will be expected to demonstrate a strong ability to identify and differentiate flavours and blends favoured by a range of undead beings. (Those who can’t distinguish a cockroach chicken from a pistachio pig need not apply).

      Thanks again for contacting us, and watch this space for news on openings!

      Kind regards,


  • Avatar José says:

    Hi Brian mi english dont be so good but only id like to tell you congratulations for your story and keep on writting, youre a genious se you

    • Brian Barrymore Brian Barrymore says:

      Hi Jose, thanks so much for your encouragement! I think your English must be pretty good as you managed to finish the book – a great achievement. Well done and keep reading!

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