The 10 Most Common Office Work Tasks in English


​​​In this ​vocabulary article, we explore ​​ten of the most common work tasks you're likely to see ​in a range of different office jobs.


  • ​Salesperson

​There's no avoiding it - companies need to make money in order to keep running. A sales team is an essential part of this process and helps create profit by selling the companies' products and services. The busy, results-driven lifestyle of a salesperson can be very rewarding, but is not for everyone.

​1. ​generate leads

​2. ​call on customers

​3. ​give sales pitches

​4.​ negotiate prices

​5. ​​update records

6.  ​​provide ​service

​7. ​build relationships

​8. ​manage complaints

​9. ​research

​10. ​​hit targets

​How many of these work tasks do you do in your day-to-day work? ​Anything missing? Let us know by leaving a comment below​.

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