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Networking Basics
2-3 hours (1 week)

In this free ecourse, you'll learn how to give a perfect elevator pitch (a short speech you can give to people you meet).

Meeting Essentials
12-18 hours (6 weeks)

In this ecourse, you'll learn to speak with confidence at your next meeting while impressing your boss and workmates.

Interview Essentials
12-18 hours (6 weeks)

In this ecourse, you'll learn all you need to know to have a great interview in English and answer the most difficult questions.

Ecourse - any device

Yes, you can learn English even with your busy work schedule!


Let Hugh teach you directly with hours of professionally-produced video.


Test what you've learnt with interactive quizzes.


Download and print worksheets that will help you review what you've learnt.

Any time

Available to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any place

Home? Work? On the bus? As long as you have the internet, you're good.

Any device

Study on your computer, tablet or mobile.

Vera M Chief Operations Officer (Hong Kong)

it helped me overcome my fears

I used to feel so nervous when going to English meetings and I didn't really have confidence to speak to people. I'm glad I found this course because it helped me overcome my fears and now I speak in every meeting. The course included absolutely everything I needed: language, speaking practice, review exercises and even business culture.

Hi, I'm Hugh. I've helped thousands of English learners achieve their language and professional goals over the past 10 years.

Let me help you transform your career

For over 10 years, while working in London, Beijing, Sydney, Shenzhen and now Hong Kong, I have met people from all over the world with one shared goal - to become better at communicating in English.

Why? Some felt English would be useful for travel. Others wanted to make foreign friends. Some just did it for fun.

Most people felt learning English would help them get better jobs and earn more money.

After years of helping students learn General English, Business English or with Exam Preparation, I made a decision to focus on the thousands of workers desperate to build English skills for their work.

It was a major turning point in my own career, giving me the opportunity to use my experience in education and management to help people not only learn English, but make a long-lasting difference to their professional careers.  

The answer is not Business English lessons!

I soon found that I was meeting more and more really motivated and inspiring people through my work. This provided great motivation for me too - I absolutely love working with people who are passionate about developing their skills and who make every effort to succeed.

Moving towards teaching Business English wasn't completely straightforward though.

I began to notice that after a few weeks with each student, I kept hearing the same kind of request:

  • "I need to give a presentation soon. Can you help me with it?"
  • "I'm terrible at writing in English, but often need to write emails to customers. What can I do?"
  • "I need to use English at meetings every day. Can we work on this instead of Business English?"

My students didn't need to understand general Business English.

They needed to learn how to do specific work tasks in their own jobs - for the actual things they were doing every day in the office. 

I stopped designing courses teaching general Business English language. I started designing whole courses to help my students learn how to manage specific work tasks in English.

Jolanta B Secretary (Katowice, Poland)

The best way to get the tools I need

When I begin learning a language, there are many situations where I feel like a worker without any tools. The Language Professional ecourses are the best way to get the tools I need to master useful vocabulary and expressions.

The perfect way to learn work English

Learn fast and effectively with Engaging Videos

Let Hugh teach you language skills directly through his engaging online videos. Don't think you can keep up with the speed? Don't worry - Hugh is an expert at keeping things simple. Still don't think you can keep up? Turn on the English subtitles and you can read every word too. And, of course, you can watch the videos again and again.

Engaging Videos
Interactive Quizzes

Test yourself every step with Interactive Quizzes

Discover new language, practise your skills and test your knowledge. Our ecourses are full of interactive quizzes that will make you actually enjoy studying! How? Well, the activities and quizzes allow you to really play around with language and get instant feedback on your progress.

Master Meaning, Grammar and Pronunciation

If there's one thing students all know about Hugh's lessons - it's that they are detailed.

That means they:

  • make sure you understand the meaning of new words
  • guide you through new grammar in a simple way
  • help you move the parts of your mouth correctly.
Meaning, Grammar and Pronunciation
Detailed Articles

Discover Business Culture with Detailed Articles

If you work in an international company, you'll know how important it is to understand business culture. With each lesson, you'll practise your reading skills while being introduced to related cultural issues. What's more, you can be sure that you'll be reading a lot of the same words you've learnt during the course - a great way to help you remember!

View what you've learnt with Downloadable Worksheets

Ever studied something and forgotten it immediately? Our review worksheets give you another chance to practise and test what you've learnt in each lesson. By downloading and printing them out, you have an opportunity to use different skills when completing them.

Downloadable Worksheets
Receive Feedback

Receive feedback on your speaking

You'll have four opportunities to 'attend part of an interview' and practise your speaking skills using what you've learnt. Our videos help make this feel real and you'll get practise speaking in interview situations. You can also:

  • Record and download your speaking so that you can listen to yourself - a great way to improve!
  • Upload your recording and we'll give you feedback on what you do well and how you can improve.

Practise live with a one-to-one training session!

At the end of your six week course, you'll have a chance to book a 1 hour online training session with an expert teacher. In this session, you'll practise going to a real interview and receive guidance on improving your language further.

Live Session
Qingfeng L Software Engineer (Shenzhen, China)

The essentials of meetings and cultural differences

I have been studying Meeting Essentials for several months and I was impressed by the high-quality blog which teaches me the essentials of meetings and cultural differences.

Hugh is a professional teacher, very skilled and patient, with good pronunciation. He knows the pain points for students. If you are a person who likes to think independently, agreeing with universal values, he must be a good friend for you.




​Study at least 2 hours per week and I guarantee you'll feel more confident using English for your work tasks. I​'m so sure you'll love our ecourses that I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee. Just let me know within 14 days and I'll send you a full refund.

You now have no risk - there's nothing to stop you from developing your English today.​

​Hugh Mortimer
The Language ​Professional


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