IN THE LOOP - Wood Edition

​Confused by all ​the strange ​English used at work?

​That's no surprise!

There's so much weird English used in the workplace that it can be hard to know where to start learning it all.

With ​this interactive ebook, you'll learn a powerful new Business English word or phrase every day ​in as little as 5 minutes. And in just 90 days, you'll soon have a strong vocabulary that ​helps you all over the workplace. ​

Perhaps you'll read one of the phrases in an email​​? You might even write one yourself in your reply. Maybe you'll hear one spoken at a meeting or in a casual work conversation​? Or perhaps you'll ​have the courage to use your powerful new vocabulary yourself in conversations all around the workplace?

➡️Wouldn't it feel ​great to understand the strange English ​of the workplace for a change?

➡️To ​not​ feel left out of conversations because your English isn't quite ready?​​​

​​​➡️Wouldn't it feel amazing to ​express yourself with the most modern English used in workplaces ​all over the world?​​​




​Remember meaning easily with ​​stunning images and clear examples


​Discover the grammatical form of new words


​Hear each new word ​and practise your pronunciation


​90 of the most useful Business English phrases 

​Daily progress

​Learn a new phrase every day​

​Grouped words

​​​​​We've ​organised ​everything​ ​into ​groups so you can learn with ease



Spring Edition

In our Wood Edition, the spring morning is here and with it fresh energy and growth for your English learning!

​Investigate the birth of a new company and watch as it grows healthy, strong and stable roots through ​8 exciting chapters​​​:

  • New Beginnings - watch ​us build a company from the beginning
  • ​Raw Materials - ​find out what we need to build it
  • ​Equipment -  discover the everyday tools used in the office
  • ​Customers​ - describe the people that matter the most​​​
  • Workers - walk in the shoes of our employees
  • ​Training & Development​ - explore what's needed to ​grow
  • ​Attitude & Behaviour ​- observe how workers behave from day to day
  • ​Human Resources​ - take a closer look at the people who take care of our staff​​​



IN THE LOOP flashcard

Easily remember

​Discover grammatical form

​Hear each new word

Business English Jargon in 90 Days

Wood Edition

IN THE LOOP - Wood Edition

​EBOOK - IN THE LOOP: ​Wood Edition



  • ​90 ​ days of flashcards
  • - ​​simple definitions
  • - clear examples
  • - click-to-hear audios
  • - grammatical form


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