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​We only send emails to subscribers who ​ask to receive them.​
We never send out 'junk mail' or 'spam'.

​Your email ​software doesn't always know this though, so it may put our emails ​in your 'junk mail', 'spam' or 'promotions' folder.

​If you can't find our email, you should:

  1. Check your 'junk mail', 'spam' or 'promotions' folder and look for the email from
  2. T​rain your email software to accept our emails (add us to your 'safe senders list' and your address book)

​You can click on your email provider below to learn how to do this. (Can't find your email provider? Let us know and we'll ​add it to the list)

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​Outlook (computers / mobile devices)

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