English for Work Vocabulary Worksheet


Work tasks

1. a. answer the phone

   b. attend meetings

   c. handle complaints

   d. give presentations

   e. meet clients

    f. negotiate deals

    g. submit reports (you can also 'write reports')

   h. write emails


2. a. Accounting and Finance (these can also be two separate departments)

   b. Customer Relations

   c. Information Technology (IT)

   d. IT Support

   e. Human Resources (HR) 

   f. Public Relations (PR)

  g. Research and Development (R and D)

   h. Sales and Marketing (these can also be two separate departments)


3. a. ​understanding colleagues

    b. ​a work-life balance

    c. ​a stable income

    d. ​development opportunities ('job opportunities' is also possible)

    e. ​job satisfaction

    f. ​rewarding work

    g. ​a comfortable working environment ('a stable working environment' is also possible and 'work environment' is also common)

   h. ​flexible working hours ('work hours' is also common)

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