Our mission is to enable you to communicate with anyone and everyone, in speaking and writing

​Professional skills

​From ​interviewing for your first job ​to leading your own teams, we prepare you for ​the workplace

​Cultural awareness

​Working abroad can offer a lot of surprises. We make you aware of ​​​professional working culture


​The Language Professional was founded in 2016 as a platform for content and support materials for Hugh's online one-to-one Professional English lessons.

During this period, Hugh ​received excellent feedback on his lessons. Students appreciated how useful the content was in learning not only language, but professional skills too.

However, students often found it difficult to commit to scheduled lessons as they led busy working lives. ​Some could not fit the one-hour lessons into their lunch breaks. Some preferred a marathon three-hour session on the weekend, but had difficulties booking due to high demand. ​In addition, Hugh found that much of a student's lesson time was spent focusing on ​studying language ​and not enough time spent producing language​, ​demonstrating skills and receiving feedback.

Hugh discovered that students made ​better use of their time when they were ​given the study parts to do on their own in advance. This meant that ​time spent with the teacher could be used more effectively, with ​more time available to ​actually ​produce the language and receive feedback. Hugh also realised that if students were going to be able to fit their learning around their ​work schedules, the​ ideal solution would allow them​ to ​study at any time and for as ​little or as ​long as they want.

The ​Language Professional is ​currently in the ​process of transforming into a modern, online learning platform that will allow you to study language through engaging videos and interactive quizzes, while still delivering expert feedback on language and skills. ​​​What's more, you'll be able to study when you want and for ​as long as you want.

The perfect fit for your busy working lifestyle.

About the founder

​Hugh Mortimer

​​​Hugh discovered his purpose while backpacking around the world during a one-year trip of a lifetime. It was the first time he had left the UK on his own.

​On the trip, he developed a passion for travel, meeting new people and ​experiencing new cultures. Upon ​returning to the UK, he began training to teach English as a Foreign Language. ​He went on to spend almost a decade in the field, taking on teaching and management roles between London, Beijing and Sydney.

Along this journey, he completed both his Certificate and Diploma in TESOL with Trinity College London and has helped thousands of students achieve their language and professional goals.