English for your Work

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Where will you start your English training?

Important when you are going to get a job

We talked about job interview tips and how to describe skills. I think it is important when you are going to get a job.

Marina K
University Lecturer (Tomsk, Russia)

My English level has improved significantly

Hugh’s lessons were absolutely interesting and motivating. He taught me not only phonetics, grammar, vocabularies, listening, writing, and speaking but he helped me to find my own method of learning. I think this was possible because he really puts passion into what he does. He is able to understand people’s needs and he supports the learning process in a special way based on every single personality and skill that his students have. Once I started my general English courses with Hugh, my English level was around B1. Today my English level has improved significantly and it is around C1. I really recommend Hugh as a teacher.

Giulia S
Back Office Worker (Cagliari, Italy)